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Hi Chuck,

I am quite familiar with the common occurrence of the minor gul in my rug. Perhaps I misinterpreted your initial remarks. I had thought that you were saying that the occurrence of the minor gul in my rug, often found as part of a major gul in Salor pieces (Thatcher, Plate 5), as a minor gul in Saryq pieces (Thatcher, Plate 6), and as a major gul in Tekke pieces (Jourdan, Plate 69 and Thatcher, Plate 13), also commonly occurs as a minor gul in Tekke pieces in conjunction with the typical Tekke gul as shown in my rug. You commented in your earlier posting, "...guls like those on your rug are often seen." Well, yes! So I requested a reference for information which documents the occurrence of the minor gul in my rug with the typical Tekke gul in my rug. Your response, while providing a lovely photo of a Salor piece, really did not respond to my request. I hope that I have made myself clearer and look forward to your response.

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