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Joy Richards
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[QUOTE=Steve Price;25092]

"I don't mean to drag this out, but part of our responsibility is educating novices."

Which is clearly what I am. I too would prefer not to drag this out, Steve, but I think it's important for you to know that this approach is why there are so very few people participating. Perhaps an email to me privately explaining that my question was trivial and inappropriate might have been better than this. I have so enjoyed the company - albeit of thesis level participants compared to my Grade One comments and questions. I will not be posting any more because the joy has gone out of it. I will continue to enjoy my rugs without further comment.

I'm left with thanking you for entering the pictures without complaint.

"My opinion, which I think most ruggies share, is that condition is an important factor for market value, but barely rises above being trivial in discriminating quality of a piece."

Since Filiberto identified the rug, anybody interested would look it up so there would be no need to discuss knot count, warp and weft material, etc. That needs to be done with something like the Caucasian prayer rug which was not that clear.

You will know from my posts that the value of any of these rugs or selling them is the last thing on my mind and of absolutely no interest to me. I believe Rich very clearly enunciated why someone like me might be interested in seeing Patrick's piece. And I would encourage anybody who regularly reads these threads, to show their loved pieces, learn about them, jump on board. You will have learned from me what not to say!

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