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Joy Richards
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Default Second Prayer Rug

I have apologised to Steve for going off at tangents in Caucasian Prayer Rug and Gerry, to you, for interfering in your Single Medallion thread, both of which seem to have now made their way into Baluch territory.

And in Tanavoli's Kings, Heroes and Lovers on page 98, there is a beautifully illustrated explanation of the S and Z I asked about, as well as very clear diagrams of the different knots. I think I'll stick to what appeals to me, and leave all the in-depth analysis to others, but Rich, you have gone out of your way to explain so much, and there are others viewing who have benefited.

I'm starting another thread here despite all my efforts to stop. Things happen, and yesterday this became mine in exchange for the equivalent of a very good bottle of Bordeaux or a not-bad meal for two. (I don't think we're allowed to mention costs here).

Measures 5'5 x 3'11. Unfortunately, colour is not representing well. What comes across as whitish, is the lovely beige you know is there

This, to my eye, is a thing of beauty. I think I know what it is, but I await your comments and hope I can answer questions, if there are any.

Flower motifs too close together in corner:

Given the condition of the rest of the rug, the edge must be a full repair because there appears to be no damage to it at all.

The most damage. Bottom left hand corner:

Bad attempt at repair:

The back showing the slightly different colour.

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