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Rich Larkin
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Hi Joy,

That is a sweet little prayer rug! The size is unusual, and very portable. If you were taking it to the mosque, you could put it in your handbag.
I particularly like the inner border on red.

You must have looked into the significance of the two cartouches with numbers. To take the obvious line, it is the same number twice, viz., 134. But other possibilities could be advanced, based partly on the slight differences in the way some of the numerals are written.

If a fourth numeral were added, one would think it was an Islamic date in the 1920s.

I tend to take all the regional attributions in the Caucasus with a grain of salt, so it is interesting that the writer of the label places the rug in West Lesghistan. I wonder what diagnostic characteristics one would look for in East Lesghistan. BTW, is the label paper? It looks like cloth on the screen.

Congrats if it is your rug!

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