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Chuck Wagner
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On the question in your prior post: Yes, you are misreading the images. Looking at my first image (the back, selvage, and kilim end) you can see that the width of one selvage cord is the same at the width of both nodes of a single knot, thus two warps, at least.

I think the "pinching" we see in the kilim ends is due largely to the absence of knot yarn in the kilim end. For rugs that don;t have meaningful warp depression, the knot yarn necessarily makes the pile part of the rug wider than the simple kilim ends. That, and some tension issues, cause puckering - I think.

I don't have as good an explanation for the irregular, uneven behavior in the pile section. The whole thing, lies flat other than the ends. But, there are micro-unflats all over the place. Go figure.

Getting back to the waq-vaq topic for a moment, an interesting but pretty worn Kirman rug sold over the weekend that had the following motif; obviously a dragon - far more obvious than what we usually see on vaq-vaq-like pieces such as mine - and maybe a message for design interpreters:

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