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Pierre Galafassi
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Hi all,
Another Il-khanid miniature featuring a rug with «waved» field has surfaced:

FIG. Ilkhanid period. Tabriz. 1300-1320. Hulagu Khan and wife Doquz

I feel it necessary to comply with Rugdom’s respected tradition of harebrained theories with no trace of a proof:
All three waved rugs enjoy the honor of an Il-Khan ruler’s backside sitting on them.
This particular motif might have had a special meaning for Mongol rulers. Something about the good old times on the shores of the Orkhon ?
Please note that these are no mere waves, there is a strange little appendix too. Anybody has a good idea explaining it?
The border of the third rug contains signs which look suspiciously like writing to me (No provocation intended Horst). Anybody familiar with Uyghur or Mongol script here?

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