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Rich Larkin
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Hi Patrick,


Contrary to Rich's suggestion that I "found one of these in Alaska (possibly by accident)", I was on my way to my hotel at 5:30 PM after the last long day of a week of work in Anchorage, flying back home first thing the next morning. I was a block away from the left turn to the hotel when I remembered that there was an antiques mall that closed at 6 a couple of blocks to the right. I swung across two lanes of highway traffic, turned right and managed to walk into the store with about half an hour before closing. I had never found a thing worth buying in ten years of visiting that mall, but sticking up from a plywood box full of fabrics was the smallest corner of this rug. By the colors I could see it was probably a rug or something with good, natural dyes.
Some 'accidents' need a measure of genius in the victim in order to become fully operational. This is clearly one of them. I worship at your throne.

The photo does not do it justice.
It don't need no justice. It is doing just fine as is.


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