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Patrick Weiler
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Default Missing Melas

Due to popular demand (of at least one or two people), here is my Melas rug from Alaska. Contrary to Rich's suggestion that I "found one of these in Alaska (possibly by accident)", I was on my way to my hotel at 5:30 PM after the last long day of a week of work in Anchorage, flying back home first thing the next morning. I was a block away from the left turn to the hotel when I remembered that there was an antiques mall that closed at 6 a couple of blocks to the right. I swung across two lanes of highway traffic, turned right and managed to walk into the store with about half an hour before closing. I had never found a thing worth buying in ten years of visiting that mall, but sticking up from a plywood box full of fabrics was the smallest corner of this rug. By the colors I could see it was probably a rug or something with good, natural dyes.

The photo does not do it justice. I can't get the colors right with either my iphone or Sony alpha6 camera. I might try my old Nikon tomorrow just to see if I can get some better pictures. The selvages have been sewn over and both top and bottom were stabilized, along with a few spots having been sewn up from the back. Someone put way more money into this thing to make it wall-worthy than I paid for it. Along with a Chinese silk embroidery which probably belonged to the same owner, I acquired both pieces. There are two purple/aubergine colors in the dark floral guls of the border and the green in the mihrab and inner border is much lighter than it appears here. If you want to explore this type of rug, a great exhibition is "Turkish Prayer Rugs: The Hesperides Collection" of Jim Dixon. The one time I was there this collection was not hanging, but out for cleaning. https://rugrabbit.com/content/turkis...lection-part-1
Joy, I hope seeing my piece gives you some additional reference information on this type. There are only a handful of designs from the Melas repertoire, and this is the most common, though they aren't "common" as antique rugs go. They seldom appear in Hali, but mostly because there are so few - of reasonable quality and condition - that appear on the market. As for any perceived slight from Steve or others, having participated in any number of other rug pages and facebook groups, Steve and Filiberto have managed to keep things quite civil in comparison. Yes, it is more complicated to post here, but the people who complain just happen to be, you guessed it, Complainers. And a few who have been removed from posting seem to have serious issues of boundaries, politeness and attitude. We tend to be quite receptive to newcomers and very helpful with little in the way of denigration or outright dismissiveness. Thanks for posting your lovely Melas.

Patrick Weiler
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