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Rich Larkin
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Hi Joy,

Well, cancel all that blather about '133'. The final digit there is clearly '4' in the Arabic script. If you would miss the madness by removal of that variable, you might want to focus on the hint of something immediately to the left of the vertical line of '4' in the upper of your two latest images; but I would not recommend it.

BTW, one last comment on the shards of info you have about your rug. The label writer called it "______(West?) Lesghistan small prayer rug." Your supplier called it "South Caucasian." Lesghistan refers to an area towards the northern part of the Caucasus, named for "Lesghi" tribespeople who apparently reside there. So, there is an apparent inconsistency there. BTW, I called it Eastern Caucasus; but that would not be inconsistent with the opinion of your supplier, as if it is southern Caucasian, it would likely be the southeastern part.

If these kinds of inconsistencies make you crazy, don't worry about it. I spent many years trying to understand and coordinate much of this sort of theoretically learned commentary until I figured out that it often cannot be reconciled, and is frequently just inaccurate.

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