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Martin Andersen
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Hi All

Here a beautiful Tekke Torba from a facebook friend. The white is cotton, the purple is silk and the Kpsi is 324.

Though the Ak Su / Aksu pattern is rather uniform, there are some variations which I am beginning to get kind of hold on, fx in regard to diagonal colorshift in the rows of the “Gols” and their blue/blue-green background color (it’s often difficult to se in photographic reproduction). I still think the missing out frame on my originally posted piece would have to have been a purple cochinielle /insect dye (and not red madder) otherwise the contrast between mainfield and outer framing would have been to contrasting compared to what is else around. But of course no way of knowing.

And I am still looking for more directly comparable material to my piece, the border, the square format, the elem in combination with the Aksu pattern seems unique, so if any here also in the future finds comparable material in these aspects I would be happy to know.

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