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Jeff Sun
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Originally Posted by Kay Dee View Post

Nice to see someone else as interested as I in Tibetan area rugs!

Seems I have all the books I can see in your collection (and maybe? a few more ) save for Antique Carpets of China, and I can't quite discern what the one is that is between The Piccus Collection and Temple Household Horseback. What is the one in-between if I may ask?

And re Antique Carpets of China. Is that by Lu Hongqi? If so, worth getting (as my interest of course includes central and western 'Chinese' rugs)?

PS. And let me also say here what a lovely pair (no less!) of pillar carpets in your other thread re 'lighting'. Have several myself, but no pairs.

Hi Kay!

The one between The Piccus Collection and Temple, Household and Horseback is actually 2 books:

"Tibet Tappeti" an Italian exhibit catalog and...
"Woven Jewels/ Tibetan Rugs from Southern California Collections".

The latter is an interesting choice of names as another book on my shelf is "Vanishing Jewels"...but about Turkmen.

Hong Qi's book is well worth getting. By western standards it's a much better quality book than most available. The paper, the binding and of course the pictures are all rather good. Better than a lot of other books on the shelf.

However, the English translations leave a lot to be desired.

Xinjiang and Tibet are both covered. Hong Qi's explanation of the origin of weaving in China, is um...unique. Quite China-centric. But I would expect no less from a man whose name translates to "Red Flag Lu".

Another book on my shelf (but not in the picture) is "Carpets in the Collection of the Palace Museum" This is a heavy tome and the text is all Chinese, but the rugs are all of Imperial origin. Not the kind of stuff you would find on ebay. In the US this book goes for big bucks, however on Taobao, or one of the Taobao middle-men like buytome, you can pick it up for about $70

So...now I have to see what is on YOUR shelf!.

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