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Marek Szymanowicz
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Hallo Rich.

I didn't make myself clear I think so you got me wrong a bit.

The collection is devided between Zakopane and Wawel Castle in Cracow. In the castle they have about 60 pieces of which only about 15 are on the show together with other oriental art (chinese ceramics, cracow-paris rug from vienna, turkish tents and armoury. etc) - on the permament exibition called Art of the East.
The rest - about 100 pieces are in the Zakopane but they show it partialy on temporary exhibitions.

The catalogue I'm talking about is the only catalogue with pictures and info about ALL pieces and it was printed on the occasion of a greate exhibition in summer 2006 in the wawel Castle, where the whole re-joined collection was on the show. Front cover of the book is in my post earlier.

Pictures in post #3 are from Zakopane, and from post #11 are scanned from the book so some of them are from Zakopane some from the castle. I think they devided it more less like this: tribal, ethnic and folk character in Zakopane, and because of the characteristic of the place- oldest ones ,prayer rugs, palace rugs, area rugs... in the Castle.

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