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Joy Richards
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Hi Filiberto,

You all know that it took me several hours to look it up and close in on what it was, whereas it's so obvious to all of you, and that's why it takes a bit of courage for people like me to come on here! So yes, I felt a bit crestfallen, but it's a lesson too. One learns from everything. At least I've reached the point that I had a strong inkling it was Turkish and not from any of the other rug weaving countries. I'm sure you can recall experiencing the kind of excitement that I felt when I found it. But thank you for probably guessing my disappointment!!

Ian Bennett's Rugs and Carpets comment on Melas Weavings that ". .. good examples (which do not, it must be said, seem particularly rare)" answers my question as to whether they are easy to find. He adds that they are especially admired by present-day (1977) collectors. So I'm just a bit late.

It's in far far better shape than the Harry Rosen rescues and will be my favourite. It will hang next to the mongrel Caucasian whose bright colours will stand in stark contrast to these gorgeous muted natural dyes and their patina of age.

Rich, did Patrick Weiler ever show the one he found in Alaska on TurkoTek? If so, I would love to see its condition.

Thank you both.


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