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Joel Greifinger
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Default Counting knots

I made my first attempt to count the knots on this little prayer rug, following the instructions I found online - and know for sure it's 16 knots horizontally, because they're easier to count, but being more difficult going down, I'm not sure whether it's 16 or up to 19, so between 256 and 304 kpsi.
Hi Joy,

Keep in mind when you are counting knots that each knot goes around two warps to form two nodules or lumps on the back. So, when you are counting horizontally, in general the number of knots is half the number of nodules. I say 'in general' because in some weaves where the warp is severely depressed, only one of the two nodules is visible on the back. With more moderate warp depression, both are visible but one only partially.

If you'd post a close-up of the back of your rug with a coin or ruler for scale, we can all count along with you.

Joel Greifinger
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