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Rich Larkin
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Hi Filiberto,

Thanks for those links. Very maven-like research there.

I see that the 'real' location of Lezghistan is an adventure if you look in enough places. Anyway, it seems to run in a diagonal direction from northwest to southeast, with the southeastern part (in the Qusar District) being in the general vicinity of many of the 'usual suspects' of eastern Caucasian weaving, such as Kuba and Shirvan. It is this sort of confusion (to me ) that keeps me from delving into this stuff too much.

I guess one can throw in the notion of Lezghi anytime without getting into too much trouble, as the place is everywhere.

Aside to Joy: whatever the above means, I would note that if the reference on your label is to "West" Lezghistan, it does not seem to me a likely provenance for your rug. As I mentioned, Lezghistan seems to run diagonally, and the northwest end of it would not seem a place such a rug would have been produced. Maybe I am not reading "West" correctly there. Any other suggestions?


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