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Marla Mallett
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A few years back, I came across a feature in some Turkmen ensis that may encourage us to believe that at least some of these pieces were made especially for use as yurt door flaps: series of 6 to 9 overlapped knots at both ends of each knotted row next to the selvages—down the entire length of the rug. This extra density and bulk at the rugs’ edges would have strengthened such a piece in the areas where it was repeatedly grasped and pulled at if it was indeed used as a door flap.

I have discussed this on one of my website WOVEN STRUCTURES UPDATES pages, and have a diagram there as well: www.marlamallett.com/updates.htm. This discussion is near the bottom of the page where Yomut and Saryk ensis are shown.

Marla Mallett

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