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Rich Larkin
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Hi Marvin,

That is quite interesting how that dyed brown wool went on the surface. I understand that indigo is susceptible to rubbing off to an extent, but it somehow doesn't strike me as a plausible answer. Yet, something went on there. Much less chance, certainly, of a cheap, non-indigo based fugitive dye. Anybody out there with alternative suggestions?

This comes two spots after "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" on the official Futile Arguments list, but I would call that partial warp depression more than 15% judging from the images. Closer to 30-40% or so.


P. S.: I have the impression (delusion?) that yellows in Chaudor pieces tend to have a distinctive lemon cast, relative to other Turkomans. Yours seems to have it.
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