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Thread: Advice on books
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Phil Bell
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Its always handy to have a talisman when you are on a quest, so thank you Joel. The rarity of good quality rugs in my part of the UK means that I will require some supernatural assistance if I am to succeed.

This is a problem for me, learning from books is one thing but I need to see some more rugs in the flesh. It has been years since I had the opportuntiy to browse private collections and get to see and touch so many wonderful things.

I think I need a plan, find some online experts (ticked that one), find some like minded people in the UK I can visit, make a nuisance of myself in all of the best rug shops (have started that one), go see the V&A collection.

Any other tips welcome. I intend to gain a good grounding in tribal rugs and then turn my attention to caucasian rugs for which I will need a Talishman.

That's a joke by the way.

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