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Thread: Advice on books
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Rich Larkin
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Hi Kay,

Anything by P. R. J. Ford is top notch. That book belongs in Joel's short list of the best and most useful works.

One of the curses of rug literature is that it is full of works by writers who simply did not know what they were talking about. They recycled unproven but widespread conventional wisdom, copied others, or just made things up. (A percentage of them compensated with nice illustrations.) The thing about Ford and Edwards is that they did know what they were talking about, and by and large, confined themselves to that. Ford was much like Edwards in that he earned his knowledge through long experience in the industry.

Aside to Phil: Don't get too lost in this list of sound, practical references. If you take on a bad case of Baluch fever, see if you can find a reasonably priced copy of either one of Frank Diehr's catalogs: Three Dusty Dozen or Treasured Baluch Pieces.

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