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Paul Smith
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Default Thank you!

I knew I could count on the generosity of the Turkotek team to shine a light on my struggle. Thank you for your responses. I have returned to the other forum to confess my ignorance. Balance is again restored to the universe.

Yes, it's true that natural madder pigments were an old source for red tones in violin varnish, I think going back into the 17th century. Interesting that alum plays a role in both the pigment and the dye. From what a few of the luthiers have said, the method of preparing the pigment with the proper use of alum is crucial in making it lightfast. It is also interesting to find out that synthetic alazarin did at least to some degree make it into Central Asia, because I am pretty sure that I would be fooled by this color visually if I saw it. I probably am already fooled by something hanging on a wall here.
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