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Martin Andersen
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Totally okay Steve, I sure know the felling

I hadn’t thought about this before you brought it up here, but looking closer into the fringes regarding the Germechs is totally relevant and interesting:

In my photo archive I have a total of 22 possible Germechs.

16 of these still have the lower end flat weave (or reminiscenses of it) - and none of these 16 have any large colored "fringe knots"! That is rather extraordinary.
(There is the one odd duck, posted earlier with the long warp fringes, it also have borders which differs from the rest)

So at least concerning the Germechs I have seen this means one could argue that they as a format are peculiar in this, and differs from other bags and trappings in that they don’t have the large colored fringe-knots in the transition between pile weave and flat weave. This as far as I can see means that they actually never had long colored decorative fringes, as opposed to other trappings and bags - perhaps exactly because they were intended to hang low. I know it's a rather convoluted argument, but I dont think it’s far out.

Perhaps the lack of "fringe knots" in conjunction with size/design from the Ensis elem/ Ensi borders/and upper reenforcement is the definition of the Germech format? Well, I will keep on looking to see if this holds water, I of course as often before may be wrong.

Here a slightly better scan of the grand old lady of the Germech format from Jürg Rageth’s book, size 79x33 cm :

best Martin

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