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Martin Andersen
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hmm Steve my terminology might be wrong but I am fairly certain that most long decorative colored fringes on Turkmen pieces are woven/applied into the warp and weft. On fx Torbas and Chuvals ect. the warp continues beyond the “fringes-knots” and becomes the uncolored plain weave of the bags back.

I have a few pieces with long fringes and a lot of pieces with reminisces of the large “fringe-knots”, placed in the transition between the pile and plain weave like this:

From what I can see on photos something like this also goes for Khalyks and other Turkmen trappings (though they of course don't have a plain weave back), thats is to say the fringes are inserted as "uncut large fringe-knots" where the pile weave ends.

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