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Steve Price
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Hi Martin

The best I can give you is to refer you to a letter in HALI (issue #99, p. 51, 1998) that refers back to a photo of a germetch with long fringe in an earlier issue - I don't recall whether the photo is reproduced on the page with the letter. Like the one you reproduced (and like nearly all fringed Turkmen pieces), the fringes have become greatly reduced in length, but we can assume that the longest one remaining is at least the original length of the rest.

Also, I think the dimensions you gave for the one in your archive only refers to the woven part and doesn't include the fringe. I put a ruler on my monitor to get rough proportions, and they match your figures if the fringe is ignored but are way off if it's included. If the width is 86 cm, the height is about 3 feet. That may even be the one referred to in the HALI letter.

Steve Price
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