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Michael H Kaplan
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Default Hali emphasis discussion

In response to Steve Price's comment:
I actually subscribed to Hali on line for the last year and have read all the issues from issue 1. I went back and re looked at some earlier issues. If you look at Vol. 1 No. 3 of the 13 articles listed all but one were on pile carpets. In Vol. 3 No.3 of the eight articles listed 7 were on pile carpets. But you are basically correct as the years rolled by other textiles were discussed more frequently in Hali. The TM is a different story. Since the move to GW the time and space devoted to exhibits on pilled carpets has decreased. The Saturday morning meetings still seem focused on pile carpets. I am still a newbie but learning quickly. I love carpets. Am a collector of carpet books as well as rugs. As an aside I will be giving a talk on "Lighting Your Carpets" under the auspices of the IHBS at the TM this coming Saturday June 3 from 2 to 4 PM. You have a discussion of a similar topic on this forum. Thank you for your response. Michael Kaplan
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