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Kay Dee
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Default Lets try another tack then.

OK, lets try this version then;

Having yesterday received both Diehr's Buluch book and Parsons Vol. 3 Carpets of Afghanistan - both that were recommended by members of this board - I must say I was delighted. So THANKS for the reco!

Be that as it may, on another topic altogether, and I quote Parson directly here "….. Good yarn soon develops a natural sheen with use and brushing, whilst normal exposure to sunlight will result in oxidation of dyestuffs. Natural dyestuffs oxidise rapidly and result sooner in that softness of tones which is so much sought after in older goods. However ..…………………. let us not forget they started off being very (my emphasis) new.”

(However, re Parsons statement above, re natural dyestuffs; I am not so sure I agree that ‘all’ natural dyestuffs oxidise rapidly, but maybe some else has something to add , i.e. confirm or deny, that?)

And he goes on to say that (newer) “……………..pieces are quite often found whose dysestuffs have oxidised especially quickly and have thus assumed the mellowness associated with age.”

I think he says a lot in both the above that cant be denied (although has been by exalted members of this forum).

And both underlined are now my emphasis above.
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