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Rich Larkin
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Hi Patrick,

For the umpteenth time, I cannot believe you found that Melas in a plywood box in Alaska. How in the world....?

I was going to suggest the slightly 'redder' effect of the yellow in your close-up image was the camera penetrating a subtly mellow patina at the surface to pick up a more saturated color just beneath. I have noted such an effect on various colors in other old rugs. However, the shot of the back seems to defeat that theory, as the yellow there looks like what an old Melas should be. Even so, is the yellow more intense at the roots of the knots? (I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with the dye...far from it!)

Another question: Do any of the colors vary in height (observed in unworn sections) from adjoining colors (if so, presumably as the result of a different 'erosion factor' for each dye)? I thought the medium brown in the 'sword hilts' surrounding the purple diamond in your close-up looked that way.

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