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Lloyd Kannenberg
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Hi Beth,

I agree with Rich that moving your rugs around is probably the best way to protect them from moths. Regular vacuum cleaning is also good, provided your rugs are sturdy enough. The beater bar on the vacuum cleaner is fine for broadloom, but not rugs!

There are some chemical sprays for moth larvae used by professionals like Buzz; the active ingredient is usually pyrethrin. You can also "do-it-yourself" with commercial products like Ultracide that contain pyrethrin. It is necessary to repeat the treatment every 4-5 months to kill off the newly-hatched moth eggs. You can also go after the adult male moths with "moth traps" that use a pheromone on a sticky piece of cardboard. These are good for about three months, then must be replaced. The adult female moths don't fly around like the males, and I believe they are not affected by pyrethrin.

Buzz has cleaned and de-mothed rugs for me, and I have used all the commercial products mentioned above. I can't say this house is moth free (it sits in the woods), but the problem seems to be under control for now.

Your question about repair is a serious one too, but best left for another exchange later.

Good luck and best wishes!

Lloyd Kannenberg
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