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Joy Richards
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And excellent advice it is, thank you Rich. (But I did have to look up 'magilla'). Thanks too for the link to Dwight's hilarious take-down of the books then in vogue. I've read almost the whole chapter but decided to order Persian Miniatures as it's been considered important enough to publish again, so it's available, and it will give me great pleasure.

I hope the books I have collected over the years are fairly reputable, but they are only of real use when I know what I'm looking for, or simply to turn the pages and marvel at the museum pieces.

Last night I read the seemingly endless thread started by Benjamin Tholen titled Mysterious dated Baluch. It went for over a month - July to August 2011 - and drifted from one subject to another in some vaguely related way and I realized that this is normal for you TurkoTekers who speak a language that to me is so esoteric. You are a lucky group to have happened upon each other to enjoy the free flowing endless discussions about a subject you all so love. I know this is a site devoted to discussion about rugs, their foundations, their provenance, etc. etc., but what comes across to those of us who are on the side, is all of you, as individuals who share a passion that not many others have.

Filiberto, thank you for the lovely paintings and the link in which you're asked to identify the rugs. The Milas/Melas is there of course, but

"As for the attribution of the three Caucasians, the one in the middle is easy. Well, almost easy - in fact that design has two denominations in the trade: - Surahani, sub-category of Shirvan-Baku"

That rug in the middle looked a lot like the rug I had intended to inspect on Saturday. I had stared and stared at the picture on the website, and looked high and low for something similar - mostly in the Caucasian sections in my books and online. Then you send this - Surahani - and I google it and this 3.5 x 8.9 Antique Caucasian Surahani Rug, Leaf and Chalice Border, C. 1890 comes up:


The rug I had been looking at was of rather unappealing colours but nevertheless, it looked quite interesting and somewhat similar to the rug above. By the time I got there, someone else had snatched it up and that's when I saw the prayer rug.

This url is of a contents sale now in the past and there are no monetary values attached, but it's the only way I can show it. It's the little one in the middle, with the unappealing colours. One can zoom in.


Could it be a sort of Surahani that got away, or just a dud?


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