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Steve Price
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Default Selecting how you view threads

Hi People

Years ago we used a software package that displayed threads in what's known as "Threaded" format, in which the list of posts was shown with each reply connected to the one to which it was responding. Most people liked this because it let them keep track of multiple topics within a single thread.

For the past 8 years or so, we've been using other software. It was superior in many ways, but the only way it would display threads was in what's known as "Linear" format, in which the replies are shown chronologically. Our regular participants are accustomed to this format.

Our new software package 9this one) supports displaying threads in Linear format (with the oldest post at the top or with the newest post at the top, at the user's option) or in "Hybrid" format", which displays the Threaded view at the top with each post linked through it's title, and, below that, a Linear view with the oldest posts first. Personally, I like this best, by a wide margin. But we are concerned about possibly confusing some readers with it, so we have set the default view as "Linear, oldest post first"). You can select whichever view you prefer when you register. If you are already registered, you can change your preference by clicking "User CP" and editing the Options section of you profile. You can make temorary changes in how you view any thread that you're looking at by clicking the link that says "Display Modes" at the upper right of every thread.

Please feel free to let me or Filiberto know if you need any help with this.


Steve Price
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