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Henry Sadovsky
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Default Some discussions turn into Salons...

Hi Steve-

As you and i have discussed (privately), and as might be readily apparent to anyone perusing the TT archives: the Salon format/software is quite suitable for lengthy, multifaceted discussions. Of course, when a conversation is initiated, it may not be well predictable as to whether or not a wide-ranging discussion will ensue.

Perhaps the posting of a topic as a Salon is unnecessarily viewed as a more formidable undertaking than need be. Should a topic that is anticipated to stimulate lively discussion turn out to be manageable with only one conversation line, would any harm have been done by posting it as a Salon?

Regarding the "Seistan Rug" thread, i have raised some ideas that have each generated a line of discussion. Unfortunately,those lines are intermingled. Nevertheless, i think the thread is follow-able by those with a keen interest in the questions raised. I suppose it would be possible, while leaving the current thread as is, to incorporate those lines of discussion into a new Salon ("M-Group Weavings of Khorasan (and Perhaps, Seistan)." That would require a fair bit of work, and i'm not sure such an attempt would be warmly received. I leave this to the judgement of you and all who have participated in "Seistan Rug."

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