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Filiberto Boncompagni2
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Hi Joy,

About Ken’s comment and your conclusion “the rug is a bit of this and a bit of that, (which I understand most Caucasians are)”...
Yes, very often the design of Caucasians borrows elements from other Caucasian groups, so we have to look at the structure. In your case, it’s the selvedge - as Ken says - that points to an Eastern, probably Kuba, origin.
By the way, what about the knot density in your rug?

I don’t remember why those elements are called shield or palmettes (I am not home and I cannot check my books).

It’s absolutely OK to discuss about rug-books on Turkotek.
Of the ones you mention: both are valid and you should have them but Stone’s is the one you need if you look for nomenclature of symbols and designs and associations with the weaving group that used them.
Filiberto Boncompagni
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