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Thread: Advice on books
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Kay Dee
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Originally Posted by Chuck Wagner View Post

The Oriental Rug Series
Vol.1 Caucasian, Ian Bennett
Vol.2 Persian, Erick Aschenbrenner
Vol.3 Afghanistan, Richard Parsons
Vol.4 Turkish, C Fritsche & K Zipper
Vol.5 Turkoman, Uwe Jourdan
and Brian MacDonald's Tribal Rugs

...are all on my shelf.

Regards Chuck
Well you have a VERY valuable collection there Chuck!

I have put the cheapest price of the two that interest me, the only two I searched for on Bookfinder (arguably THE broadest book search engine on the web), below.

Vol.3 Afghanistan, Richard Parsons = (Deleted)

Vol.5 Turkoman, Uwe Jourdan = (Deleted)

And they go way WAY on up from the above prices for other copies of same!

Not saying you can't find them cheaper somewhere, but where I live I have to let my fingers do the walking.

Note: We don't discuss market values here (please see paragraph atop this page). It's our belief that the price someone paid or wants to get for something is a distraction from what we believe are the more important aspects.
That's as true for books as it is for rugs.


Steve Price
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