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Pierre Galafassi
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Hi Marvin,

Well, lac has been found in some persian- (see for example H. Boehmer, Kekboya, page 202) and Mamluk rugs. But I haven't met, so far, any analytical work proving its presence in Turkmen rugs. Do you? It would be interesting.

A few mentions of lac dyes in Turkmen carpets have been made in collector- or dealer books or articles, but I can't remember any mention of analytical tests. I have seen a rather... creative theory about Salor tribesmen being involved in lac trade, but have serious doubts, especially when the description of the lac shade conflicts with reality.

Of course, the possibility that some lac had found its way to this region cannot be completely excluded.

By the way, the dyes of a rather large number of anatolian rugs of the museum of Budapest have been analyzed too, and unless I err, lac has not been identified in any.

I can offer no explanation for the limited use of this beautiful (but rather dull) dye, which is not difficult to apply on wool or silk and has excellent fastness.

Best regards
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