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Filiberto Boncompagni
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Hi Pierre,

No, Mills doesn’t mention anything specific about the kind of dyes. Actually, he doesn’t mention having met personally the rug in question, which I doubt.

About your perplexity on “the conspicuous absence of so-called «Mamluk» rugs in paintings before 1540”, I went to read “in diagonal” Michael Franses’ article (second part) on the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. It’s available in pdf format on HALI’s website here:

but I think you should have it already.

Franses’s phrase:

"Carpets in the ‘Mamluk-style’ (I use this term because most surviving examples were probably made after the Ottomans overthrew the Mamluk Sultanate in 1517)"

should clarify your doubts, as well as the following:

Recently published research by Marco Spallanzani informs us that “…in 1545 Iacopo Capponi went to Alexandria with instructions to buy various things for Duke Cosimo I de Medici, including an unspecified number of rugs to be made to order”,which were shipped to Livorno in 1547.

By the way, note 70 of the same article lists “fifteen European paintings… that depict identifiable Mamluk-style carpets from Cairo” which you may want to check if some of them are missing from your database.


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