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Filiberto Boncompagni
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Hi Steve,

I hadn’t noticed that. Searching more on that painting I found that:
First, the “cassone” (chest) panel was painted by a Marco del Buono (see note at the bottom) who worked in A. di Giovanni’s “bottega”.

Second, that the scene depicted was of a tournament.

In this National Gallery web page is possible to see the whole panel and zoom on it:


So, perhaps the guy in feathers was the squire of a knight whose coat of arms had a bird… But, then, the only animals in the visible coat of arms are lions.

I don’t know…
But before anyone facetiously suggests that the guy was perhaps a “chiken” (meaning: coward), the animal associated with cowardice in Italy is the rabbit, not the chicken

NOTE: Marco del Buono (1402 - 1489?) was a member of the Physicians' Guild in Florence in 1426 (the guild to which painters belonged).

By 1446 he was in partnership with Apollonio di Giovanni (died 1465) almost entirely for the production of cassoni, such as the 'Cassone with a Tournament Scene' attributed to Apollonio's workshop. Source: National Gallery, London.
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