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Rich Larkin
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Hi Filiberto,

Of course, the Baluchis did manage to acquire the border.

My opinion is that this and other early Anatolian motives survived into relatively recent time among the Baluch over centuries, reflecting their roots in regions more westerly than their current and recent homes. I don't think one must conclude that weavers of one or two centuries ago simply copied them from neighbors. Whatever the truth of that might be, it is remarkable how persistent are many of the designs you and Pierre have shown in this outstanding series. It seems that little has changed in many of them, perhaps small details. I note in the example I've posted that the calyx has retained its basic shape, including the vertical element in the petals at the top, a feature missing in some iterations.

Rich Larkin

P. S.: Pierre, being slow of mind, I had to puzzle a bit over the end of your recovered inscription. Funneee! The Colonel himself would be proud.
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