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Marek Szymanowicz
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Hallo Filiberto.

The pictures I've posted are all I could find in the net, and I'm sure they're not realy representative. The seyhur dog is from the museums website.

In my house I found the catalogue of one small exhibition of Sahakian Collection that I've seen few years ago. I didn't scan anything for you because as I looked at the pictures (only 54 exhibits) I realised that they make the same impression as the whole exhibition - I passed it without even realizing that it's a part of a big museal collection?
WHY ???
Because all the rugs looked totaly new, in perfect conditions and full of excellent colours. They were all dated about end or secound half of XIX century - but the whole impresion was - It's all just a smart-turkish-rug-seller show
They looked exactly like all the ones we see in rugbooks and catalogues - so a perfect copy of all staff too perfect.
than I found out that IT IS real staff thou it looks like it was a part of the Sahakian trade leftovers. BUT now as I see the 54 rugs are a part of almost 600 than I'm sure there must be more realy good and old ones.
So next time I'm in Warsaw I'll have to check the exhibition.
I'll let you all know.
In the mean time I'll look for some materials about the other collection that I realy like. comming soon..

regards to all
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