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Kay Dee
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Steve, my comment was to EVERYONE, just using Marla's address to me as an example; that is as much as you and others may assume that Kay is a woman's name, where I come from it is not, just as Robin / Robyn is not, as I have said before IIRC, re 'Kay' on this forum.

Anyway Steve, this is just getting all too silly, so if you are so on the horse that thinks I have it in for Marla just go ahead and ban me from your forum. Pity you couldn't have seen the same / been more objective / said the same to her when she was so rude to me some threads ago now.

But as Ned Kelly said "Such is life". Or as Nepali's say 'Khe ghani' i.e. 'what to do'.

If people cant handle or be made aware of the truth, or a direct point, then so be it.

Sorry about that but I stand 100% by ALL my posts.

Best rugs and goodbye, Mr Kay

PS. Let me add if I may, where I come from the word 'assume' (or simply assuming anything) translates to making an ass out of u and me. Again, goodby in advance, and it was enjoyable while it lasted. As we say at the beach "see you in the tube" (if you should be so lucky as to have a wave / tube nearby that is).

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