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Kay Dee
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Originally Posted by Marla Mallett View Post
Hello Turkotekers,

Since Kay wishes to avoid any talk of structures in Tibetan rugs,
No Marla, I specifically said I wanted no discussion / talk with you, as I found you condescending in the extreme (to me) in our last 'discussion'.

And given all your vast knowledge, may I humbly suggest you stick to what you know best, which obviously isn't ID'ing Tibetan rug structure from photos of the back of the rug, yes that's right, the back (as no guesswork is required when it comes to true Tibetan woven rugs), as opposed to having to have one 'in the hand' as you seem to suggest is so necessary.

That's all I have to say on the matter, respectfully, M'am .

EDIT; Well, just one more thing, if you please, so their can be no misconception among readers re 'mistaken identity' or that I am not aware of whom I am addressing. That is I am well aware who you are Marla, I have your book (two copies actually) and recommend it to all and sundry, so its not like I think your no expert in your field. I just think / know your just dead wrong re ID'ing Tibetan carpets from photos of the back, repeat back, unlike not being that way for many other carpets from different regions / origin (save for most / 'Chinese' that is).

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