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Kay Dee
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Originally Posted by Marla Mallett View Post

Would you please tell us what specific structural features you use to differentiate Tibetan and non-Tibetan knotting? These distinctive features can be easily identified when you have a weaving in hand, but they are extremely difficult or impossible to display in photos.

Marla Mallett
Marla, with all due respect to both your vast knowledge, experience and expertise, given how our last 'conversation' developed and ended I would prefer not to 'converse' with you again, no offense meant to you or others here. Sorry about that.

However let me say to others, in my experience having dealt almost exclusively with Tibetan and central and western Chinese rugs since 1971, and having lived in Kathmandu (in a Tibetan 'area') for the better part of 10 years long long ago, it is far from "extremely difficult or impossible to display in photos" to differentiate a close up pic of the back of Tibetan rug from, say, a close up pic of the back of a 'Chinese' rug. So holding said rug in your hand will make no difference whatsoever. Again, with ALL due respect to ALL the experts here.

But of course, that's just in my 46 years of experience of photographing, handling and dealing in said area rugs, so my opinion may mean little or nothing to others, and so be it, each to their own.

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