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Kay Dee
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I hope Lloyd - and everyone else - will forgive me for what I have done to his rug................. .......but, check out the very interesting design, besides the five roundels, throughout the centre field, which does not show up so clearly in the 'real' color photo he put, hence my 'tweaking' it (no, not twerking it!).

Very unusual design IMO, especially in a Tibetan made carpet. Now I am even starting to doubt my 'Tibet' origin belief for this carpet myself.

But hey, if anyone can / will / has come up with the unexpected though, it will be a Tibetan weaver.

Knot photo desperately needed now if at all possible please Lloyd.

On second thoughts though Lloyd, I really think you should just get rid of it and throw it in the (my) bin now and you can then rest assured that I'll dispose of it in the proper fashion for you. . As like I first said, this rug is far far from a dog!

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