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Kay Dee
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Default Red borders

Hi Jeff,

Originally Posted by Jeff Sun View Post
1. The main tip-off to me is that the edges are wrapped in red felt. This is typical among many Tibetan rugs and usual among saddle carpets..
Agree with your above, and that Lloyds is almost certainly Tibetan (but without seeing the knots.........well), but................. ...............many / some Chinese rugs that were made specifically for the Tibetan market simply had that red edging added after arriving in Tibet. I myself have several Chinese rugs and Tibetan Khadens with it on (and numerous saddle rugs of course). I also have several rugs, made in Tibet, that do not have it, but do have a red pile border that directly mimics the red felt border as it were. Even from a short distance away you would swear it was the red felt border.

I must say Lloyds rug certainly has a unique swastika border. No that the swastika border is unique itself, but the way it is constructed / displayed her is, IMO!

PS. Lloyd, what are the dimensions of the rug, as it looks a little different size-wise than the 'typical' Tibetan Khaden size, which of course doesn't make it 'not Tibetan' by any means (maybe it is even a smallish Sapden)? Just wondering is all.

PSS. Lloyd I just noticed when I downloaded your rug pic, the caption states 'khotan _copy'. Where did that reference come from if I may ask?

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