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Jeff Sun
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Originally Posted by Lloyd Kannenberg View Post
Hello Kay Dee and All!

Meanwhile, here's the rug I'd like to learn about:

Surely it’s Chinese, but I thought a red cloth edging says “Tibet”. The books should help on this point and others (Is it OK? Is it a dog? From where in China? And so forth) Any comments would be gratefully received!

Lloyd Kannenberg
Hi Lloyd-

Well to determine Chinese or Tibetan, you really need to see the back of the rug. Looking at the front I would also go with Tibetan. Why, you might ask? It has lots of Chinese Motifs? Yes. It does. Many Tibetan rugs do.

1. The main tip-off to me is that the edges are wrapped in red felt. This is typical among many Tibetan rugs and usual among saddle carpets. Not that this is a saddle rug. More likely it is a Khaden. If the rug were a Khaden, or sleeping rug, that was removed from it's mattress than the edges would all be exposed, so wrap them up, safe and sound in some red felt!

2. The second indication that it is Tibetan and not Chinese, is that the red is actually pretty, um...RED. Older Chinese rugs often used logwood for red, and it fades, runs, and is universally NOT GOOD.
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