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Kay Dee
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Originally Posted by Lloyd Kannenberg View Post
Hi Kay Dee!

We should all follow your example and learn about rugdom beyond whatever narrow specializations we are stuck in. Which prompts the obvious question: Do you have recommendations of books on Chinese, Tibetan, Indian rugs that might enlighten us Western Barbarians? I have Bidder's book on Tarim Basin rugs and Eiland's "Chinese and Exotic Rugs", but really nothing on Ningxia or Gansu rugs, or Tibetan rugs, and only Gans-Ruedin on Indian rugs. Any suggestions would be welcome!


Lloyd Kannenberg

I am just on way out, but your in luck, as probably thr three best books EVER Ún primarily Tibetan, but one on mixed tib / mong / ning have been published in last few years. Simply magnificent.

When I get back in later today I'll post full details.

Re Chucks recomend, I have it and a good starter, but also suffers from less than ideal photo reproduction and somewhat basic info when conpared tothe latter three I allude too.

The ones I will advise of are simply STUNNING in every way, and completely up to date / the latest word on the subject as it were. Not all that cheap though but well well worth the cost!

EDIT: Got a few mins waiting on wife now (ha, ha) but at least here are the names.

Edit 2: Back from my sojourn. So, if I could only own three books on the subject these would now be the three (and I believe I have every book on Tibetan and or "Chinese' rugs ever printed in the English language. Oh, I have no interest in Indian rugs, so can't help there, sorry.)

Dragon and Horse by Dr. Koos De Jong (saddle carpets ONLY, from chin, mong, tib) Ten stars!

Published 2013, 191 glossy pages, crammed full of (mainly) small but the most magnificent (photos of) saddle rugs from the above countries that I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot since staring collecting / selling in 1971) Lots of details and IIRC at least some (all?) of the individual rugs construction details. De Jong is currently considered and expert on the subject in saddlerugdom. Out of print, (originally cost 90USd) now available sometimes for a little less, or for a lot lot more. Actually now available second hand from as little as 50USD!

Sacred and Secular by Robert Piccus (Arguably the finest collection in the world today, of primarily tib rugs.) Ten stars!

Published 2011, 293 semi-glossy pages, full of 'two to a page format' exquisite rugs, with all details of all rugs pictured (i.e. when bought, where, and all construction details for each rug, or at least almost each rug IIRC) Cant recall price but at least between 75 and 100USD IIRC Actually now available second hand now from as little as 40USD!

From the Land of the Snow Lion by Michael Buddeberg (tib rugs) Ten stars!

Published Dec, 2016, 340 semi-glossy pages, each chapter by various experts in the field. Full construction details (and then some, some of which are beyond my level of understanding, or should I say my necessary understanding, but always willing to learn something new). And for the first time almost ever for Tibetan rugs, many many pictures of a one inch square of the back side of the rug! Probably THE most descriptive construction techniques book EVER on Tibetan rugs (and there are more construction techniques illustrated than I ever knew / imagined about / of Tibetan rugs!). Again cant recall price but at least between 75 and 100USD IIRC. Probably 90% about rugs with, maybe 10 (15?) percent at back of book about Tibetan jewellery. Actually now available second hand from as little as 40USD!

I've got many more up my long sleeve, but they will have to wait till I another post. Like I said, if I could only own three, these would be the three, and it would be hard to pick between the three, I simply couldnít. Each is a masterpiece in its own right!

Opps gotta run, I'm in trouble now! (Pardon any spelling mistakes, no time to check without incurring wrath of the 'boss'!)

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