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Kay Dee
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Default Great descriptive (but old) book!

Realizing this book is probably old hat to you nomads of western Asia, but for someone like me from the east who has no interest whatsoever west of the Afghan/ Iran border (although I think I said elsewhere 'west of the Durand Line', but with an Afghan caveat), and while having a huge collection of Tibetan and Chinese rug books, have next to nothing, 'cept a few on Afghan rugs. Well not where I live now anyway. So thought I should have at least one, to offset my Tibet / Chink ones, and what a beauty!

Anyway this book, printed in 1984, and available cheaply on the web is; Rugs and Carpets from Central Asia (The Russian Collections) by Elena Tsareva. Lots of color pics, and while not up to the standard of today's digital reproductions, are certainly more than adequate / acceptable. And highly descriptive of type / construction, etc of each rug.

Anyway, just in case someone does not have it, I can highly recommend it.................. .................... .
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