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Thread: Flat weave bags
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Joel Greifinger
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I believe that the rosettes in these weavings are done in complementary weft technique - which would be obvious from a photo of the back. The design would be "opposite" of the front, meaning the white motif on the front will be in the dark ground color on the back.
Hi Pat,

I also thought that the tiny rosettes on that are on so many of these Tatari bags were done with complementary weft weave. Here's the view on mine:



As the entry and exit of the T-pin shows, the rosette on the front corresponds to the brown area on the back.

if the yellow is over-strong, like a batch of French's mustard they had to reject at the quality control desk

I'll admit that I often prefer a Dijon shade, except perhaps for some of the brilliantly bright yellows sometime found on even very old Anatolian rugs that Bohmer has suggested were dyed with some form of luteolin.

And keep in mind, I am not vaulting it back to the 19th century.
I was merely reporting. You'd have to take that age attribution up with the author of Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent himself.


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