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Thread: Flat weave bags
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Marla Mallett
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Chuck and Joel,

The “All-Seeing-Eye” suggests that the piece in the #15 post is SINGLE INTERLOCKED TAPESTRY, thus NOT Bakhtiari. Nor is it dovetailed. The Bakhtiari pieces use standard DOUBLE INTERLOCKED TAPESTRY. Though we can’t see the back side of this one, with the prominent ridges formed by double interlocking, I feel pretty confident from seeing just the front side that this is single interlocking. These details are nearly always pretty messy, as it is quite difficult to make all the weft interlocks sit squarely and consistently BETWEEN two warps. This difficulty is why single interlocking is used so infrequently. It's a pain in the neck to weave.


Yes, on the hundreds of mafrash I have seen, the bottom of the bag is always integral with the two long side panels...The bottom is NEVER woven attached to the end panels. The two end panels are traditionally woven separately, side-by-side on the loom. it's a quite convenient and practical set-up. To do otherwise would demand separate warps of two different widths.


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