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To Turkotek, I've tried to contact Katie on her email. No response. I'll still write something about him. And the story of this man is still as confusing as his scatological letters. At least I was around him enough (4xweek for 176 weeks) to be able to interpret some of what he was writing..

I'll give you an example. Tom Cole wrote that Jerry said he traveled up into the Hazara lands and was turned back by "Amazons." Jerry always felt the story of "Amazons" from Greek culture came out of Greek contact with the Scythians...the Scythians shaved...the Greeks felt their opponents must have been women. Well, Hazaras are descendants form Ghengis Khan and have very scanty beards.

I was in Quetta in Spring 2008. There is a large Christian cemetery there. I suspect Jerry's father is buried there. I was prevented from visiting the cemetery. I also suspect Jerry is buried in the Christian cemetery in Karachi. I may be able to confirm this.
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