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Nils Persson
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Thank you for the response, Rich--much appreciated.

Being that I'm new to this, could you expound on the "urban Persian workshop" distinction?

Isfahan, good. I had compiled a short list of structurally consistent rugs, and Isfahan was near the top.

I don't recall all of why I settled on Khorasan over Isfahan, but it was partly on grounds of composition, or rather--to be precise-- on the conjunction of certain stylistic elements; namely, the Herati pattern and the trellis of (forked-tendril) whiplash scrolls . The former element seems more prevalent among Khorasans, the latter element more prevalent in Isfahans, and a coincidence of the two seemingly more prevalent in Khorasan rugs.

Maybe a futile exercise in discrimination ,seeing that--as you've suggested--its origin is likely obscure.

"Then, there are the colors. At first look, one suspects the somewhat lavishly used orange, as we are trained to do that. But my guess is, it is a good color here. Look carefully at the visible areas of warp and weft from the back: do you see evidence of color having leaked from pile yarn into those areas?"

I couldn't agree more; and it's funny, indoors the red and orange are a good deal more modest, complementing the field perfectly. And to answer your question: no, I don't see any leaked color in those areas.

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