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Old September 3rd, 2016, 05:18 AM   #45
Chuck Wagner
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Hi Rich,

The boteh rendering on your second piece shouts Kurdish to me, yet the borders make me wonder - not a typical Kurdish design (to my limited experience) Afshar maybe, or something Azerbaijani ? Do you have any specific info on that quite attractive piece ?

Hi Pat,

I really like that yellow chanteh; it's the sort of work I would expect after the person who wove mine had another 5-10 years of weaving experience. I see what you mean, I think, in particular the meanders in the border. Here's a few more images of mine, for completeness. It's in rough shape, and as suggested above, has the appearance of something borne out of a rustic and unsophisticated weaving setting. I suspect either quite young fingers, or quite old.

Regarding the array of bags from a few posts above, the beat-up one has some additional charm when observed more closely; here the back, and the pile bottom. The pile at the bottom of the front is clipped short, but was left long around the bottom and on the back:

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